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I am a certified life coach, strategist, writer, speaker and the CEO of Aligned with Purpose. Aligned with Purpose assists individuals, leaders, and business owners with gaining clarity, increasing confidence, and developing a blueprint for the pursuit and fulfillment of their purpose. As a coach, I strategically educate, empower, and support people as they seek personal growth. I aspire to create a community of individuals who seek to align with their purpose and to equip them to function at their highest potential.

I help clients achieve success, health, and wellness from the inside out by offering services that increase resilience, emotional intelligence and a mindset that will catapult them into clarification of their purpose, the confidence to pursue it, and the flexibility to overcome the challenges that life brings along the way. I have a tremendous amount of compassion for people and a deep desire to serve as a catalyst for growth and advancement. I set my heart to live with intention and endeavor to help others to do the same.

After years of working with youth, families and adults as a civil servant, mental health advocate, and facilitator, Aligned with Purpose has provided me with the opportunity to offer a more personalized experience to those who are seeking purpose, balance and transformation. I rely heavily upon my faith to find hope, peace, and joy. If you are an individual who desires to live your life with more authenticity and satisfaction, let’s connect today!


Kendra's administrative and creative skill set will help any business grow and gain visibility within the market. I have experienced less stress when onboarding clients into my programs because of Kendra's structured program plan, that she created specifically for my business. Also, I have experienced a great flow when delivering information within my group coaching program because of Kendra creating a very fluid, practical outline that keeps me on track and focused. Working with Kendra has not only grown my business, but me as a business owner. I am grateful to have worked with her.  

LN Riggs–The Burnout Coach

Forever Grateful

When I was launching my massage company in January of 2020, I had a vision bigger than The Great Wall of China. Well, we all know what happened to that wall, right? If not for Kendra's assistance, my business would’ve succumbed to the same fate by the end of March 2020 when the pandemic shut down all commerce of physical enterprises.  Kendra helped me see the importance and value of streamlining my grand plan into smaller, bite-sized scales that could help me grow strategically and effectively, without losing sight of my end goal and dreams. This kept me from being mentally overwhelmed, logistically scattered, and fiscally bankrupt. The moral of the story is, Kendra emphasized the importance of earning trust and pacing for the market.  I found her to be trustworthy, methodical and patient.  I look forward to my sprint ahead, so thank you Kendra for helping me execute my vision in manageable steps.   

Remi A. | Owner  Alafia by Remi™

Working with Kendra catapulted me into my next. I never thought I would be able to create a course, nevertheless have a whole class full of students. She pushed me, prayed with me and assisted me in reaching a major goal. If Kendra hadn’t signed on as my assistant I do not believe I would have been able to successfully administer not only one cohort but two in less than a year. She took time to read and edit my content, send out emails and reminders and to meet with me consistently. Kendra has added so much value to me and my business.

Bdot Bailey Ministries

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