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 Aligned with Purpose is a more than just a brand.  Coach Kendra is compassionate, strategic and can be trusted to connect individuals to their purpose. Her signature coaching program will help to unlock and empower you to live to your fullest potential.  It is designed for those who have been searching for strategy, support, and accountability as they navigate the terrain enroute to their destiny.  Are you a change seeker who is ready to grow to the next level, increase your satisfaction with life, and develop the confidence and tools necessary to thrive?  Aligned with Purpose was created with you in mind.


We support, educate and guide people strategically as they become the change that they want to see so that they can equip others to do the same. We provide our clients with a customized service that will place them on a path to live a life that is fulfilling and intentional by offering a signature coaching program, consultation services, training and development. 


Our vision is to develop a nationwide community of individuals who are confident, resilient, emotionally intelligent and have mastered a mindset that allows them to experience fulfillment in every area of life as they align with and live in sync with their purpose.


Our mission at Aligned with Purpose is to help individuals to gain clarity, increase confidence and develop a blueprint for the pursuit and fulfillment of their purpose with sincerity, honesty and authenticity. We will do this by offering affordable, personalized coaching plans and consultation services.

Core Values

Authenticity–Authenticity is necessary for sustainable relationships

Leadership–Leadership is service to fellow humanity

Inspiration- Inspiration plays a large role in learning

Goal–Goals without a plan are merely optional tasks to be performed

Nurture–We believe in nurturing a safe environment that is conducive to exploration and growth

Authenticity is necessary, Leadership is service, Inspiration is vital, Goal achievement requires planning and a Nurturing  safe environment is essential for exploration and growth.




 | definition: place in a line or arrange so as to be parallel or straight | synonyms: focus, realign, address, true up, focalise, synchronise, adjust, reorient, aline, true, concenter, concentre, realine, line up, focalize, synchronize, collimate| antonyms: skew, blur, obscurity, unclearness, soften
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"the ability to do something that frightens you"
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